Justice In The Film A Few Good Men

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Justice may sometimes be cruel and harsh, in being so, however, it is universal for each and every one of us and we defend our rights in the name of it. When certain violations of justice occur individual entities are charged with different cases for which they are called up on a trial. For everyone to get a fair trial, there are some aspects to the law that need to be respected. The likes are: the phenomena of the “due process”, questioning the credibility of the witnesses and the role of advocates' persistency when defending their clients. All of these, together with a great deal of other principals, have to be there for justice to be done to the whole society.
One aspect of law that needs to be taken into account very carefully is the credibility
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That is no strange a notion to real, zealous advocates. Often times, there are cases during which the advocate has to push the witness or the prosecution extra hard to hear what he/she wants to hear. Such was the case illustrated in the movie “A Few Good Men” where the young advocate Daniel Kaffee had US Marine Corps Colonel Jessup on the witness stand. The case was a sophisticated one in which the Colonel had ordered all the soldiers in the base not to touch their fellow underperforming comrade meanwhile individually ordering two other soldiers a “Code Red”, resulting in a murder. The only way Kaffee could get his clients (the two soldiers convicted of crime) away from a long jail-sentence was by proving, in court, that the Colonel had in fact ordered a “Code Red”, which the latter was most-zealously denying. Eventually, the skilled advocate was able to get the Colonel to such a state of irritation that he admitted ordering a “Code Red”. Without individual persistence and zealous advocacy Kaffee would have long lost the case, but he proved, through that trial, that a professional advocate should always stand by his client, in the most devoted way possible, to ensure a fair trial and preservation of

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