The Importance Of Juudaism In The Holocaust

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During the Holocaust, in the 20th century, Jews and many others that practiced judaism were discriminated. Hitler was the leader of the Holocaust along with many others. Hitler’s idea was that the aryan race was pure and Jews, because of their appearance, were not. There were around 6 million deaths The Holocaust was a time during the 20th century that many Jews or people that judaism The life of Jews was very hard during the holocaust. There were many hardships they had to face. Most were either taken to concentration camps- or they were forced to go into hiding. In the book, “Number the stars,” Annemarie 's best friend, Ellen, and her family were forced to split up and go into hiding. Lois Lowry writes, “”If anyone should come, even soldiers, you two will be sisters.”” During that time, Ellen had a new identity as Annemarie 's sister, Lise- which wasn’t easy. One article states, “For Jews to pass as “Aryans,” it was essential to have false identity papers, which were often gained through contacts with the anti-Nazi resistance.” Having false identity papers was very hard to accomplish. Many just resulted in physically hiding wherever they could and were forced to stay quiet and hidden or risk being caught.
Although many Jewish families were in hiding, they still practiced their religion. In Anne Franks diary, she writes that she and her family celebrate Hanukkah but can only celebrate for a few minutes because there is little supply of the candles they use. She writes,
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