Juvenile Offenders

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Some people think that juvenile offenders should not be given a death penalty or life sentence, while others do. The cases of people like Jordan Brown, George Stinney Jr., and the Roper v Simmons case have been argued about for years because of the difference in opinion of juvenile offenders. Some US citizens think that too many juveniles were arrested in past years while others think there should be more, and people think some punishments for specific crimes are unfair, or too simple. For years the United States has argued about how to keep our country and juveniles both safe at the same time, while also giving them the support they need to change their lives for the better. It is an ongoing issue that will most likely always be argued…show more content…
Those still aren’t good enough reasons to murder someone, but another reason young people commit such crimes is that of the psychology of their brains. People under the age of 18 aren’t fully developed and don’t think or function as properly as adults do. Their brains don’t think about the logic of situations, just feelings, which is why most juvenile offenders don’t really realize what they are doing or think about the consequences of their actions. In order to understand what is going on in their brains and to get juveniles to change the way they think, they need child rehabilitation, but instead, receive adult rehabilitation. These juvenile offenders are treated like adults because they made adult decisions when instead they should be given attention and support to turn them into better people. A public defender says in a short documentary that, “We are seeing far too many young offenders entering the adult system who should be dealt with in the juvenile system”, and that a way some juvenile offenders are treated far worse than they deserve. Just because juveniles made bad decisions in their youth does not mean that they should be given a life sentence or put on death row, because they were just children who made some terrible mistakes. The people that think juveniles deserve the worst punishment they can get are probably don't understand that juveniles don’t really know what they are doing and it most likely isn’t always their own
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