The Importance Of K-Drama In The Philippines

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Language plays the most important part of humanity because this is what we need to express our feelings. It can be in the form of sounds and symbols. As time passes by, language continues to evolve and its features vary over time (Mukherjee 2). Language undergoes changes as it is dynamic. Aside from its being dynamic, factors such as lifestyle, culture, and technology affect the language (Jimenez, 2013). Here in the Philippines, language is rarely talked about. If not because of our heroes and fellow men, we will not achieve the freedom in language that we are enjoying now. It is a fact that we, Filipinos, value our cultures and beliefs. But since modern technology takes over the minds of all humans, specifically us millennials, some changes did occur to us as a Filipino. As for us, the millennials, little did we know the importance and essence of our language? Not all of us value its beauty and importance to our country. Because modern technology takes over us, we now lack the time to read our Filipino textbooks and the basic terminologies are now mistaken and forgotten. Entertainment is now the main priority of today’s generation. Nowadays, watching K-Drama is one of the most in demand source of entertainment. Because of this, many are being into learning the Korean Language, mainly the youth or the so called “K-Drama fans”. In this research, we, the researchers, will measure the influence of watching K-Drama as part of daily lifestyle by comparing the mastery level of
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