The Importance Of Kansas Migration To Kansas

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The Kansas Journey After the federal troops left the area, There was a convention being made. It was called the Vicksburg Convention. It was told that blacks in the south could migrate to anywhere they wanted, but could get out of the south. There were posters around the united states saying things like “Ho For Kansas” and “Come to the Rescue.” So the Exodusters (african American people that emigrated to Kansas) left their lands in fear from their masters, and headed to Kansas in 1879-1880. They had to pay 5.00 to get the journey to Kansas. They were moved to head to Kansas by Abolitionist John Brown, who fought for the freedom of slaves in The united states, and the state's fame for being the free land. When the migration began to start …show more content…

One of the hardships is the trees, there were no trees, so the exodusters had nothing to stop the harsh winds. Another hardship was that the weather was very hot, which made the grasshoppers come out, and all the grasshoppers did was eat the farmer’s crops. People with a lot of money was very hard to find there, so many people had no money. So many exodusters had to get a good crop going so they could sell it, and get money. Plus when the railroad came in things got harder, and easier. The railroad brought a lot more people, so place was being taken up, but the good thing is that the farmers have to depend alot on the the railroad, cause the railroad is the only thing that brings the seed for their crops, and new gadgets to use for their …show more content…

The had to leave all they had in their home in the south behind, and start a new life. They had to leave their work, so know they had to provide for themselves. They have only a few supplies, and furniture that they brought with them. They had to live in a hole new weather, and had to survive, and build a house, and make a field with crops. The benefits for the exodusters leaving their homes in the south, was that they left their life as a slave, and now they are free. They have a whole lot of options to get way more money than when they were slaves. They can own their own property, and have no boss. They get to defend themselves now, and not be overpowered. They get to live on their own bought land, and build a safe home for their family. The exodusters emigrant movement ended in 1880, but towns like nicodemus will never let us forget the times that african americans who were slaves, and moved to Kansas became

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