The Importance Of Key Events In The Revolutionary War

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It is the American Revolution, and the colonies are on the verge of fighting. Before the first battles of the Revolution, colonists were starting to get ready for the impending conflict. Although some colonists wanted the conflict to come many others remained neutral and hoped to avoid war. However events during the Revolution swayed many colonists to the side of the Patriots. One such event was crucial and important to the American Revolution, the same place where the “Shot heard round the world” was fired, on the North Bridge in Concord. The Battles of Lexington and Concord were an important set of events in the Revolutionary War, because they inspired colonists, sparked fighting, and also brought a new aspect to fighting between Patriots and British soldiers. The Battles of…show more content…
Before the battles the main form of violence in the colonies during the revolution was rioting and protests. The riots and protests included The Boston Tea Party, an event in which some patriots boarded a ship carrying tea and tossed over three hundred crates of tea into Boston harbor. Colonists also used other forms of protests, often boycotts. However not long after the battles many other battles pursued. Some battles included Saratoga and Trenton, both ended in a victory for the Patriots, colonists and people who fought for the American cause, same as the outcome at Lexington and Concord. The Battle also was a sign of war to the British. The British after Lexington and Concord initiated many battles to come. The battles also showed colonists they could stand up to the British army, which made more people from the colonies join the fighting. The colonists grouped together and started to stand up and fight back against the British forces. The Starting of fighting was one of the important things that the Battles of Lexington, did for the
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