The Importance Of Kindness In My Life

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Introduction For many years I suffered with the disease to please and boy did it cost me. I was miserable. Contributing to others dream and making them come true was my life. All the while watching my dreams die by the wayside. My brain was full of ideas that I suppressed just so others could go ahead of me. I longed to be accepted. I needed to be needed. It made me fel like somebody. Crazy right? I chose relationships that I could play the hero in because I thought if I could save someone they would love me return. That was an epic fail. It blew up in my face. The feeling of meagerness plagued my life. My need to be needed stripped me of my dignity. Often, I was left feeling depleted and worthless. One day I woke up. Enough was enough.…show more content…
Most people who are super nice have an issue with rejection and the need to be accepted so they lower their standards believing they won’t be left out. People believe if they are nice enough that they have something to gain from it (if I do this then I will get that) wherein being kind doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Kindness is just doing good and has no strings attached. Nice be people are constantly looking for validation and approval and often compromise their own happiness just to please others. So, you ask yourself, how did I get the disease to please? What causes me to second guess my worth. The disease to please is simply low self-value. You don’t value yourself enough to stand up just be you. Somewhere in your life usually as a child you didn’t feel validated. Maybe your parents dismissed your feelings often, or you had some sort of trauma. I could have resulted from some sort of abuse or even experienced bullying at school. Bad choices can also cause you to second guess yourself. Something happened to you that affected how you view you. People who are confident in who they are wont compromise themselves to make others feel good. They stand up for themselves and are true to their beliefs. Nice people on the other hand will go with the flow. They have the “what every makes you happy”

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