The Importance Of King Bhumibol

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King Bhumibol, also known as Rama IX of the Chakri Dynasty, have served 70 years as the longest reigning constitutional monarch of the Southeast Asian nation. He has been the strength amalgamation of his nation and the people. Despite holding little formal political power, and only as a monarch head of state and commander of the Thai armed forces under the Thai constitution, he is able to have reverence and approbation by many of his people. Many have wonder how a charismatic King can be treated as a semi-divine, semi-deity father figure and as a development King. It is his movements that encouraged great reverence that his actions have moulded the course for the development of his country and the people’s lives. According to Promchertchoo (2016), the King has kept his promise ever since he was placed upon his head the crown of victory during his coronation over 66 years ago, to reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of his people. There are various factors that King Bhumibol is responsible for the development of Thailand, in addition, the main pillar of stability of returning tranquil to the country during chaotic political crises then. One factor is the religion, that binds between the royalty and their Siamese people. As mentioned in Indexmundi (2016), nearly 93.6% of Thailand 's population practices Buddhism, that teaches one to give up everything to find a way to end suffering, overcoming suffering allows a person to be truly happy and have peace of mind
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