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Knowledge, skills, and attitudes are the three core characteristics of a good professional. There are considerable deficits in all three of them, but the knowledge and attitudes I have right now are fairly satisfactory. My skills, however, need improvement the most. SP 124 and SP 158 will be an avenue for the strengthening of those qualities. Two sessions of each subject were allotted for observation in CTS pedia and CTS AA, and it helped us realise which areas are our strong suits, what areas we need to improve on and plan how we are going to eliminate those hindrances to becoming the clinicians we aspire to be.

Internship is frightening. The classroom simulations in the form of laboratory sessions and practical exams are notably different
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One or two lab sessions per subject are not maximized and greater experience is necessary to execute the procedures properly in actual practice. Another weakness that concerns me is my lack of initiative. Sometimes I would wait until a certain job is assigned to me before I work for a number of reasons. One is that I am afraid that I might be bothering the other person if I asked for the job and what to do. Another is that I am lazy, and I need pressure to drive me into actually doing the task. My anxieties about being inadequate and mediocre and not being able to satisfy my patients could also affect my performance negatively because these doubts can lead to low self-esteem, low motivation and sense of self, and ultimately a poor performance. But in a developmental sense, these feelings can push me into becoming a competent clinician, in the fear of disappointing my patients and…show more content…
However, I believe everything can be learned through right amounts of practice and with the right attitude, and I will never lose sight of my ultimate goal - the betterment of the lives of my future patients. I imagine that the pre-internship and the internship will be hard, but the passion to help people, especially the marginalized, will always keep me
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