The Importance Of Knowledge In History

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History reflects the past, it is the study of past events. In consideration of this, it is impossible for us to be present in every single event that has occurred. Under the circumstances in which we are unable to be involved we use historical evidence to get information of the affair. By using sources, we must seek a way to extract knowledge from them. The best way of exploring information and getting facts and data is by connecting our area of knowledge, which in this case is history, with our ways of knowing, such as language, reason, emotion and others. The most valuable way of knowing in history is reason. Reason is when we form judgements logically, by using the information and understanding that we already have to get into an implication based on that. Historians use a vast amount of primary and secondary sources which need to be analysed and thought through deeply. Their aim is to get as much information as possible and with that try to put together coherently why it happened and what where the conditions at the time. One good model to take into consideration is Hitler. We know now that there were a diverse amount of events that explain why Hitler was able to get into power in 1933. At the time, several people had different ideas, some argued it was because of weak opposition, others said it was because he promised to reverse the infuriating Treaty of Versailles. The fact is, that there were assorted reasons in which he was able to become chancellor. We are

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