The Importance Of Knowledge In History

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Knowledge has always been valuable to humanity. In fact, humans have fervently engaged in the pursuit of knowledge throughout history, with one reason being to solve problems and improve lives. For example, Medicinal knowledge is used in creating medicine that treats and prevents diseases. But what exactly is knowledge? Knowledge can be interpreted as an understanding of how various parts relate to one another to form a meaningful whole . As such, in producing knowledge, there must be some form of input. This input is data: rudimentary facts, figures or statements that are often collected and measured information. Since data are building blocks of knowledge, there is a motivation for having more available data: More links between data can be established, to explain and deepen one’s knowledge. However, it is necessary to consider the extent more available data helps in producing knowledge. Additionally, it is also important to consider whether more available data means producing definite or reliable knowledge. How far does having more data produce Historical knowledge that is more reliable? Producing knowledge in History means creating a record of past actuality, a Historian’s attempt to recapture the past, fix it in words and give meaning. This is subjected to the Historical method where Historians first exhaustively search for data from historical sources, before studying and evaluating gathered data based on reasoning to comprehend motives and judge actions. Then, the

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