Exemplification Essay: Knowledge Is Power

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"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" - Carl Edward Segan

There are many expressions we constantly repeat like -
"Half bread is better than none" - which may seem "true," but in reality is very dangerous to your success in life. If you believe in this saying, then you'll subconsciously slide into a rut and only settle for less in life - never learning to get in the driver's seat - and never cultivating the inner passion to follow-through on specific major projects. If you know of anyone who consciously or subconsciously uses this expression - with tact - let he/she know the dangers of its repeated usage to the human psyche.

A second case study before we finally delve into the real meat of this article is the belief that "Knowledge is power." Now,
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In this article, YOU will read and see "Why Traffic Is NOT
EQUAL To Money!" So, let's get started - RIGHT NOW! :-)

As a beginner or experienced affiliate and Internet marketer, niche blog marketer, information technology (IT) expert (who has a need for savvy online marketing and advertising expertise),
Internet Web site designer - or professional in other fields of
Internet entrepreneurship, YOU would have come across and/or heard the popular online expression or cliché:
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I have 2 QUICK FACTS to show you that will make the REAL Web traffic and money generation formula come alive or become more vivid to

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