The Importance Of Knowledge Management In Social Media

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Nowadays it is not enough to have a website for a business, the digital storefront should extend to social media marketing sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is because the social software has become a wide and vast open canvas, to taking a full advantage of it should require a careful strategic planning. When the company is using the social software, the employer or employee should make sure that the social media profile is updated consistently and maintain a constant presence of the company. Therefore the company should create a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account then the risk will fall behind the competition and bring the company up to speed through the social media. Otherwise the company will be missed out a very significant opportunity,…show more content…
For example, expert systems, intranets, data warehouses, customer relations management and balances scorecards, these is a collaborative tools that usually used to establish the relationship within the organization. Some company had developed a knowledge maps to identify what should be share, where can we find that and what information is needed to support the activity. When the knowledge maps codify information, then it will become a real knowledge. For example, it is important to identify the timing and right subject to engage with the customers and create an unique social media campaigns around them such as Frappuccino Happy Hour seasonal campaign and My Starbucks idea-blog, this is what Starbucks does. Another example is AT&T knowledge management system provide an instant access customer service representatives, it allow them to solve the customer’s problem in a few minutes. Monsanto use expert network to spread the knowledge around, so that the employee can look up the knowledge expert from the Yellow Page Directory of knowledge…show more content…
It is because, through the social software they can get continuous social feedback and more informed with real-time information, it help them to make a fewer mistake in their decisions making and making informed decisions. Besides that social software also help the organization to reduce cost, can find the customer that you did not know existed and reputation management. When the company using social media it can help the company to reduce cost such as advertising cost and it is free and easy to use. Besides that, it can help the company know their competitor better, so that it is helpful in their planning for own business strategic such as what kind of service and product should launch next. If the employees follow the specific keywords in Twitter, they can find people that looking for the service or product of your company and then you may direct them to your site. Maintain a good image of the company is very important. The company can reply the potentially destructive comments instantaneously, it help the company maintain the image of excellent customer service of the company. Therefore, by keeping up a consistent and strong social media presence, it can help the company to maintain a strong image and a good reputation of the

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