The Importance Of LGBT People

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LGBT people are part of our society. They belong to diverse social, economic groups, they participate in public happenings and they work in different organizations. However many of their activities, including working in a company are shrouded in a dark cloud: Many of them hide their identities and sexual orientations, allowing other colleagues to falsely believe that they are something they not really are. Typically, these workplaces are called non-inclusive. LGBT people do not experience the same level of freedom as straight people and they often feel that they have lie about their lives in order to be accepted. This is the case, especially if their work environments are conservative and hostile towards sexual diversity. There have been cases of harassment, physical and verbal attacks, threats and even abuse in certain work environments where gender-fluid people have revealed their identity. Organisations that endorse and tolerate these kinds of attitudes, usually suffer grave hits in employee morale and performance.
This is why it is of focal significance, to create inclusive, open, tolerant work environments. A diversity-friendly workplace is setting the ground rules to eliminate homophobic behaviours. An atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance encompasses holding value in the family relationships of LGBT people as well.
Inclusive organizations endorse freedom. LGBT employees can freely express themselves, without the fear of discrimination or verbal/physical abuse. They
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