The Importance Of Land Use And Land Change

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Land use/cover change has become a central and important component in managing natural resources and monitoring environmental changes in current strategies, as a complex process which is caused by the reciprocal interactions between environmental and social factors at different spatial and temporal scales, and also plays a fundamental role in various environmental and socioeconomic applications from local, regional, to global scales (Balak and Kolarkar, 1993; Vitousek, 1994; Atkinson and Foody, 2002; Rindfuss et al., 2004; Valbuena et al., 2008; Rimal, 2011). The major land use change has strongly impacted to water resources including desertification, deforestation, and urbanization that deforestation outcomes normally turn to either agricultural or urban land uses. Although, the land transformation of forests to agriculture impacts to water quality in various levels depends heavily on farming practices, and erosion such as tillage technique, chemical use versus organic practices, or size and type of conservation easements (United Nations, 2005; Younos and Parece, 2012). Land use and land cover are terms frequently used interchangeably because of significantly different meanings and applications, namely land cover refers to physical features or biophysical attributes on the surface of the Earth-vegetation, water, the built-up land. Whereas, land use is specifically links to the human (economic) utility or purpose for which the land is used. In term of used is to describe a

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