The Importance Of Landfill

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A landfill is a site where people dispose waste by burying and is one of the oldest forms of waste management. It is a conventional method and is nowadays used to prevent the loss of leachate and other gases to the environment. There exist regulations that regulate what waste products should be dumped in a landfill. For example, in the UK, Environmental Protection Act 2011 is involved in the regulation of waste disposal by setting standards that waste products should meet before they are allowed into landfills. Also, EPA requires that wastes must be treated before it is released into a landfill. To facilitate the checking of hazardous waste, the agency has a set of formal processes for identifying and checking the waste before acceptance (GB,…show more content…
The hierarchy emphasizes on the prevention of waste as the top priority by use of less material in the design and manufacture of products. In this level of the Hierarchy, DEFRA advocates for the use of less hazardous materials in the industrial preparation of products that aims at quality air (DEFRA, 2007). In the second level of the hierarchy, the agency emphasizes the importance of cleaning, repairing, checking, and refurbishing of whole items or spare parts. The third level requires people to recycle waste into new products by composting if the waste material meets the set quality protocols. The fourth level offers other recovery methods of waste recycling that include anaerobic digestion, gasification, incineration, and pyrolysis. Finally, the remaining waste material can be disposed in landfills or incinerated without recovering energy. Observably, landfills are an option in the DEFRA Hierarchy of Waste as the last step in the management of waste in the UK. However, it is important to focus on the essence of the inclusion of this option from the perspective of how well it fits in the waste management…show more content…
At the top of the hierarchy, industries are required to devise methods of completely dealing with waste materials during production. Although government regulations have put every measure to ensure companies in corporate social responsibilities, it is not easy to completely deal with the menace given the costs associated with establishing proper measures. Additionally, some waste products pass through the waste hierarchy to the level of landfills without matching any of the solutions provided for in the upper levels of the hierarchy. As such, they must fit in the final level of the hierarchy; the landfill. Due to this fact, landfills remain the last and easily affordable method of disposal in the hierarchy and which has the least environmental impact as well as an economical benefit if they are managed

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