The Importance Of Landscaping

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Man’s desire for a Beautiful environment is second only to Man’s desire for love”. Aesthetic value, desire for beauty and appreciation is a phenomenon endowed in man right from the beginning of creation. And this phenomenon is well reflected in the natural environment – The Landscape. But why has Man continue to destroy his inherent desire? And what can be done? As a result of human activities, be it environmental degradation, innovations and inventions the natural beauty of the environment has been altered. It becomes imperative that modification and preservation of the environment to neutralize the environmental hazards in order to achieve sustainable development is indispensable. The concept of improving the environment, especially the natural landscape, known as Landscaping has suffered neglect over the ages due to lack of awareness of the significance of natural landscape and landscaping or landscape architecture. Base on the above observations, the time is overdue for an awareness to be created both in the intellectual minds and the minds of the common men as to the significance of landscaping. And that is what dramatized this research. Furthermore, this research discusses the significance of landscaping with respect to social, physical, mental, emotional, medical and economic well being of man. Additionally, recommendations along the line of policy making and implementation are not left out in this research. So policy makers, professionals and the public
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