The Importance Of Language Acquisition

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Introduction: The acquisition of language is different from language learning which is used with reference to a second language which a person learns purposefully; particularly in formal settings like school etc. The researchers like Littlefair (1991), Dockrell and Messer (1988), and Widdowson, (1978) found a demarcation line between language acquisition and language learning and used the expression of first language acquisition in contrast with second language learning, but many researchers and theorists don’t distinguish between the two. Farzan(2000) for instance, treated language acquisition as a purely stylistic alternate to language learning. The four main skills of the English language are reading, listening, speaking, and writing. A person needs a mastery of various elements to use the language to reflect thoughts, desires, intentions , feeling and information in a written form (Pamela, 1991).The four basic English language skills are divided into two categories such as receptive skills and productive skills. Reading and listening are considered receptive skills whereas speaking and writing are known as productive skills.
Writing is one of the four basic skills. The students start learning to communicate through written form as they begin to interact with others at school level. The writing skill is more complicated than that of other language skills. Even sometimes a native speaker of the English language may experience complication in an intricate and problematic
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