The Importance Of Anxiety In The Classroom

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To help the anxious leaner, first item a teacher needs to determine whether a student’s anxiety stems from a more global trait or from a particular situation, or if the anxiety is truly debilitative.
To help the anxious learners in their classroom, teachers need to begin with a great deal of concern and empathy for the negative affect students may experience. They must talk openly with their students about realistic expectations for the course and about the nature of language anxiety. Most importantly, they must develop strategies for developing a sense of community among learners, activities that allow students a great deal of non-threatening oral practice, Establishing the expectation that mistakes are a normal part of learning, and evaluation
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There are some techniques used to reduce anxiety about oral activities in class, such as provide students with ample opportunity for oral practice, and test them using the same types of activities they have practiced in class; encourages them to use several conversation strategies . If the instructor uses humor effectively in the class to reduce tension, humorous role plays should be incorporated into the testing situation (Young,…show more content…
Price interviewed highly anxious students and finished by asking them if they had any ideas as to how language classes could be made less stressful. A frequently made observation by the students was that it would be less intimidating/ stressful if the instructor was more friendly and encouraging, rather than an authority figure ( Price, as cited in Humphries, 2011).Furthermore, Dvoral also did the similar research and found that teacher play an important role that the in creating or hindering one’s excitement, motivation and ability to learn (Young, 1998). For instance positive attitude of my new French Teacher motivated me to do well in French; before that I resented every second of French class because our previous French teacher presented himself as a authority figure such as correcting mistakes while presenting and if we get low marks in our quizzes blaming us for the lack of attention; so teacher does play an important in creating a positive atmosphere.
However, Experts should be also asked to provide help for anxious students, especially for those highly anxious ones. Above all, it is important for students to remember the values of controlling their emotional state and remaining calm when making mistakes, they should understand that errors are a normal and acceptable part in everyone’s process of learning a language.
To conclude, language anxiety does have negative effects

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