The Importance Of Language Development

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Language is a form of human communication that is used to connect something or give an understanding to the listener. It is supported by Vogt and Shearer (2007) said language is a form of thinking can be understood in connection with reality and has the form and logic. The early childhood years are crucial in children’s literacy development because the development of language and literacy begins at birth and a lifetime process. This also was supported by Naeum (2013),
This assignment is about the respond of study case of child developing language and the adult as role in supporting child language development. In briefly, the importance of language learning toward children will be explained in this assignment. Other than that, the explanation of three theory which is related with learning language development. In addition, according to Maia’s DVD, a short critique of age stages and the development of child language. It also should have a positive interaction strategies and why it was importance toward children. Lastly, in this assignment a couple of initiative of policy or local initiative to support children’s language learning. For conclusion of this assignment is, will briefly explain about Maia early language experiences.

Section 1: the main of theories in language development. And give example of them in action from dvd.

There are lot of theories about how a person can learn to speak, whether from their surroundings, or the nature or possible
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