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Language is the way that people communicate with one another, it can be spoken or written. (Robin 2013). The purpose of this language folio is to have a greater understanding of how English functions within a range of texts. The three aspects that will be discussed in this language folio are colour, language choice and structure and layout.

Aspect 1 Colour

Colour is an element is visual language. It ‘pops out’ to the audience at an early stages of vision. Colour is used to communicate mood (Design, 2010). Colour is used as an element of visual communication, it needs thought on how and why it is being used (Design, 2010). A magazine front cover is a page designed to attract a chosen audience’s attention. The Teen Vogue uses a range
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Colours is important because it ‘pops out’ to the readers. Language choice is important because the way you word things depends on the audience and who you are aiming the advertisement at. Structure and layout helps keep things organise. All these techniques are needed in order for the publishers to get people’s attention

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