Improvement In English Speaking Skills

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Regarding the first research question, it was found that the participants have some improvement in English speaking skill. As shown in Table 2, the mean score of pre-test was 4.8125 and after the experiment, the mean score of test was 7.1458. The result shows the significant difference at a 0.00 level. Therefore, It can also be claimed that the statistical population after being taught according to this technique, had better performance in comparison with before being taught. It is found that obviously during playing language games, learners try to win and progress from other competitor groups for their own benefits. This can increase their motivation and stimulate to go ahead in learning stages and…show more content…
The experimental and control group preferred to learn English speaking skill at the neutral/ moderate/ level ( M = 3) . it seems that students were likely to have negative attitudes towards learning English speaking skill through language games which can be assumed from Tables 12,13,14 and 15. On the other hand, after the treatment, the result of the experimental group illustrated that the average mean scores of attitudes toward language game used in teaching English was 3.99. This falls into the agree level. This can be interpreted that students like to study English through language games. This implies that the games which are employed in English class are greatly satisfied by students. Therefore, using games is one effective alternative treatment which encourages the active learning atmosphere as well as stimulates students’ interest in an English class. According to Deleżyńska (2012), Young learners love to play, and they participate in a game with more enthusiasm and willingness than in any other classroom task. In addition to this, Considering Brands’ (2011) work, who states that “A classroom situation in which the target language is used for…show more content…
Overall, students agreed that language game lessons were beneficial in learning English language to improve their speaking ability. In general, in language game classes, the students were more motivated in showing their speaking performances. Moreover, language game could make the students more confident since they did not have to memorize all the expressions to perform in front of the

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