The Importance Of Language In 1984 By George Orwell

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Imagine if one 's language was limited with all it’s intellectual being and importance throughout society. How can one truly convey their complete train of thought if one is restricted from there language? The importance of their message will deteriorate within the mist. In 1984 by George Orwell, this concept was developed in the Oceania society where the story took place. This society lived with no freedom and was restricted of their own language. These restrictions were built upon society so that the Party whom were in charge of everything could withhold power from their citizens. Restrictions upon their language, Newspeak was created purposefully to ensure that society could not obtain the knowledge of their language to overthrow the unjust society. The Party limited their language so citizens could not come up with developed thoughts to express and inform their audience of essential information that could have improved their lifestyle vastly. The article our group used to inspire our public service announcement was “We’re Living in “1984” Today ,” by Lewis Beale. This article was a special from the the news channel CNN where it talked about multiple aspects in the story that related to today’s issues. Our group choice this article due to its minimum partisan bias and it sparked ideas that our group was intrigued by. At first our group was stumped on which theme to select from the book because there were so many to choose from. We thought with the articles
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