The Importance Of Language In Communication

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A country on the coastline of the island of Borneo, Brunei Darussalam, is a nation comprising of various races and speakers but the dominant spoken languages are Malay and English language. The reasons for this are Brunei’s official language is the Malay language – the majority of the people are Malay – and English language is recognized to be an essential element of the development respectively. The family that I nurtured in is the standard family in Brunei where both Malay and English language are seen as a necessity for our development, thus switching from one language to the other is a daily occurrence in our communication. The followings will discuss a brief introduction to my family, their language use and my attitudes towards the use…show more content…
He speaks both Brunei Malay and English among the siblings. Conversely, his standard Malay is far from practice either orally or written – except in academic purposes. His English language use is quite moderate even though he is fairly fluent – though this is only when I speak in English initially. Subsequently, there are some instants when he halts – a couple of seconds—in between the exchange of conversation. He claimed that this was because English language is not his strongest language and the quick pauses are the moments when he formulates his responses from Malay to English. However, his deficiency of fluency in English did not hinder him to speak in English for that he acknowledges that English is highly essential for life particularly for the development of his education (Ozog, 1996). Jones (2007) argued that even though English language competency represents success and privilege, the users of English language in situations where Malay language is the appropriate language to use are abused and vilified by the non-proficient English speakers. With regards to this, my brother only communicates in English depending on his

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