The Importance Of Language In Literature

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Literature is more than just a creative means to utilise language. It is the key that unlocks many doors, the deterrent against ignorance and above all, a greater part of my life. It offers people the 
fortune to travel and embrace infinite worlds, otherwise lost or invented, through literary texts and digital media platforms. What was reverence for the written word has evolved to a passionate appreciation for all things creative with language to this day. 

I have always been fond of reading and writing; growing up with a father who was the very definition of a bibliophile, I was exposed to the joys of reading at a young age; browsing through libraries and bookstores became a favourite pastime. Ronald Dahl and Mary Pope Osborne are two of
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However an accomplishment that I hold dearly was when one of the poems, ‘Balancing Perspectives', which I had written for a course: Language and Literature: Asian Writers in English, back in Year One was chosen for the AAEPC’s Literary Journal, Kaleidoscope. It was a delight to explore the works of Murakami, Xu Xi and Banana Yoshimoto in class; it had brought me back to the time when as a child, I would devour novels upon novels depicting ancient eastern civilisations, folklore and modern Chinese-American families. And though my reading scope has expanded considerably since then, it was delightful to dive back in Eastern Culture through literature once more. 

In the midst of this, an opportunity arose where I could utilise the mentoring and leadership skills I have gained as a Senior Mentor and Prefect back in high school. This school year, I along with a fellow AAEPC Year 2 student, mentored around ten AAEPC newcomers of the ins and outs of the programme and campus life. I found it straight-forward to settle back into the role of leader, mentor and ‘big sister’. 

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I also partook in the School Magazine Editorial as a Co-Deputy Chief by the time I graduated. I familiarised myself with the word of authority and persuasion. Each role revolved around a certain aspect of the English, be it language, research and communication.

While I am currently not participating in extra-curricular school activities in CCCU, I am constantly active at my Church Community. I have been a member of the Tung Chung Praise Ministry from 2008 to 2015 as a choir member, and have volunteered a number of hours to attend and host worship events such as the Feast Hong Kong for three years. I am currently a Sunday School Teacher in Our Lady of Visitation Chapel, Tung Chung, where I teach the Bridging Class (ages 5 -12) about Catholicism and Church Etiquette. Personally, to be an educator does not mean to discipline, it means to be the influence, to encourage curiosity and instil knowledge that would gradually make pupils wise. Being brought up in this community as well as being the eldest sibling in my family, I was brought up to be selfless, patient and understanding. With them as my extended family, I was encouraged to follow

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