The Importance Of Language In The English Language

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We are facing a new era, where cut throat competitions are seemingly inevitable. It is now indeed a must to catch up with the fast pace growth of economy, technology and even cultural globalization. Exchange of brilliant and purposeful insights across cultures is enabled through the English language. Hence, Philippines highly regard the significance of it. From elementary up to tertiary level, English became compulsory to be inculcated in the offering of courses. Among all the language skills that it aims to develop, writing is significantly considered. In addition, Li (2014) stated that even though writing is viewed this way, “most schools and universities focused on the teaching of English in vocabulary, grammar and structure, taking not…show more content…
Though students can know by heart a lot number of new words, there is still this difficulty for students to convey their ideas vividly through texts using these words. Most of the times, students lack the association and organization of thoughts and in this manner prompt the ambiguity and irregularity of expressions and somehow utilizing much "Taglish" expression in their papers, hampering them from conveying everything that needs to be conveyed plainly or clearly. Traditionally, language has been defined as lexical grammar. As stated by Zhao (2009), “it has been divided into two categories: vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary is regarded as the stock of fixed non-generative words.” However, grammar is considered to be more fundamental and creative, and to consist of elements of the generative system of language. Therefore, many people consider that the focus of language teaching should be concentrated on grammatical…show more content…
got out there, ran out of, as soon as, etc.). Lexical chunks approach is based on the idea that language is made up of grammatical language instead of lexicalized grammar. Many experts and educators have been doing research on lexical chunks, finding that chunks play an important role in our everyday communication, making contributions to the ease, accuracy and fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. What’s more, lexical chunks are an effective way to improve students’ English writing in the foreign language. (Li, 2014) Lexical chunks depend on the possibility that language is comprised of grammatical lexis rather than lexicalized grammar. Numerous specialists and teachers have been doing research on lexical chunks, finding that chunk assumes an essential part in our ordinary correspondence, making commitments to the straightforwardness, precision and familiarity with tuning in, talking, perusing and composing. Besides, chunks are powerful approach to enhance students' English writing

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