The Importance Of Language: Language And Gender

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Language and gender Language and the way of speaking play a significant role on the way people reflect and position themselves in society. The way we use language and communicate indicate significantly the way we qualify ourselves on power and authority or it disqualifies us in such terms. On the past decades, language and gender as very influential factors have become a study for many scholars who try to explain the way man and women use language. However, gender is just the way male and female are constructed, while language differs much from gender as it consists of the way we maintain old meanings and work on constructing new ones. By this, we must look on the verbal interaction among two groups and see how they engage in organization of talk which is pretty much allocated differently among cultures. In terms of age groups, children express themselves freely in some cultures while in others they are expected to be silent. But when it comes to gender, we observe such an allocation that draws a line between man and women. Hence, language is a communicative competence and its interpretation differs among gender; and it is impacted by the situation. Frequently,…show more content…
Women are usually silenced or offended when they try to speak their mind. Rindy Andreson from the Florida Atlantic University made a study on how people percept a woman’s voice. She focused her study in six points which concerned a woman’s voice thickness as well as their tone and their authority. (2014). She explains that having a deeper voice makes individuals look more competent, therefore women that have high voices get offensive comments like “you sound like a child”.() That is, women voice’s features paly a crucial role in how they are perceived in public, in many cases even more than the content of their

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