The Importance Of Language

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Language is the crucial tool used to transmit messages through communicate opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Making a statement may be the paradigmatic use of language and it can be seen as a form of action. Human use of language to perform certain kind of acts which known as speech acts and any speech act is the performance of several acts at once that, recognized by different aspects of the speaker’s intention. Basically, speech acts are acts of communication therefore, they are the basic or minimal units of linguistic communication. Communicate is to express a certain attitude, so the type of speech act being performed corresponds to the type of attitude being expressed such as make a requests to express a desire, make a statement to express a belief, offering apologies to expresses a regret, and giving orders, making promises, asking questions, giving thanks since language is an inseparable part of human life. On the other hand, whenever people speak, listen, write, or read, they are determined socially and have social effect hence language is a social affair, in other words, language creates and determines our position in various social situations. Therefore, communicative competence is require that people to be in possession of knowledge regarding how to produce language not only linguistically correct but also pragmatically appropriate utterances and dependent on its suitable usage in social. Pragmatic or communicative competence is the ability to use language forms in
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