The Importance Of Language

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Language is a unique human phenomenon. Human, through language, was able to understand each other and formed the first human communities, and also discovered the differences and set up ways to development. Language plays roles in human life. One of the most important roles of language is its role of communication; that people communicate with others and the world around. In addition to the role of communication, language plays a significant role in thinking and is an important factor in how one thinks. This means that perception and description of the world is formed by his/her language. Now a days, mastering English is one of the most important needs in advanced societies. Because English is the language of science and education at higher levels and in different fields of science will be done in English. In the context of the increasing globalization of the communication trade, the new science is all in English, and the lack of familiarity with this language means to the lack of life in modern world. As we know Contrary to adolescence that learning foreign languages is done consciously, in childhood, language learning is a natural process. As the world progresses, it can no longer be said that learning English is quick for children. According to Babajide Gboyega and Oluranti Idiat (2014, p. 172),"Early Childhood Education is very essential in the life of a child’s hence the recent focus on its desirability across the globe. It provides for
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