The Importance Of Language Policy In India

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The best way to understand language as a concept is in terms of its function in the society and the role that it plays in the development of the society. Let us understand this by dividing the functions of language into two halves, namely- micro and macro. The micro half works at an individual level while the macro half concerns the whole society at large . Language links an individual to his or her society. With so many languages present in the world, it would be safe to assume that while many flourish, others are close to extinction. This happens to be the problem with the Indian languages too. The language policy of India, no matter how hard it tries, fails to provide for preservation, conservation and protection of all the dying languages. Usually, language policies focus on promotion of certain languages while trying to not let the less popular ones die. The need for a language policy is not singular, it is multi-facetted. Language policy is required for administration purposes, local and international communication, and in the development of a nation through education. India is a mix of cultures, a mix of religions and mix of languages. It thrives in heterogeneity and multilingualism. Multilingualism in India never created administrative problems for the British rulers and they promoted vernaculars as much as the other languages. There is no need for a Constitution to provide for a language policy because even in systems without such codification, language policy

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