The Importance Of Law In Society

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We all know that law is very important in the society. It is a must in order for a society to be peaceful and problem-free. Law is a man-made therefore it is in you if you will follow it or not. If you do not follow the law, it doesn’t mean you will die, so nature has nothing to do on the laws of man. The law is something that the human has created to modulate the society by introducing justice, fairness and equality that is set by courts and governments and is applied to everyone within their jurisdiction. The law can give protection to the victims and will punish those who have done unlawful actions. You don’t have any option where you can choose from, if you disobey, then, you have to face the consequences. If a society won’t have a system of law on it that will control how the people operates their lives, then there would not be a society to live in. people will be able to make decisions that will solely be based on their principles, then they would be able to do crimes if they want to, steal, murder, damage, bully, rape, trespass, and even terrorize what and whom when they wanted to, and nothing would be done about it at all.
Therefore, it will be a disaster if not possible
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Laws allow for the comfort of education to be taught. It enables technology to grow through the distribution of patents and regulations. Without laws protecting these vital services and advancements, peoples right to learn would not exist leading to “social default” within society. The health service operates under strict laws which helps both the patient and nurse. It provides the nurses and doctors with safe knowledge over the use of certain medical equipment. Lawless states would not have these rules and regulations therefore putting society at risk because doctors, nurses, teachers and many more professionals would be giving out their own “dosages” which they felt would be appropriate which is why laws are important to have in

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