The Importance Of Law In Ukraine

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Law is an important part of our society. All human actions are regulated by law; therefore, everyone has rules that must be followed, and a failure to obey those rules can lead to bad consequences. Every law in our country is necessary for organizing society and for minimizing a number of crimes. Each nation has not only legal laws but also the ones that are passed on for many centuries from generation to generation. For instance, there are physical, moral, ethical and spiritual laws and they should be followed because for the violation of them you can be punished.
Moreover, government laws play a big role in our lives and in keeping peace in our countries. They were created for people to feel comfortable in their countries. Everyone has to adhere to the laws and know his or her rights to be able to protect themselves in any situation. The most important laws of the country are the Constitution and the Civil Code. The Constitution is the set of fundamental principles and laws according to which a country is recognized to be governed. The Constitution clearly establishes system of laws and responsibilities. Violation of the Constitution is punishable by law.
The first Constitutions in Europe include the Constitutions of Philip Orlik in 1710 and the Constitution of France and Poland in 1791. The important event in the political and public history of an independent democratic Ukraine occurred on June 28, 1996, when the Constitution of Ukraine was adopted. According to the

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