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Law is an important part of our society. All human actions are regulated by law; therefore, everyone has rules that must be followed, and a failure to obey those rules can lead to bad consequences. Every law in our country is necessary for organizing society and for minimizing a number of crimes. Each nation has not only legal laws but also the ones that are passed on for many centuries from generation to generation. For instance, there are physical, moral, ethical and spiritual laws and they should be followed because for the violation of them you can be punished. Moreover, government laws play a big role in our lives and in keeping peace in our countries. They were created for people to feel comfortable in their countries. Everyone has to…show more content…
This system is the accumulation of knowledge, facts and other information that no one needs. Knowledge has practically no practical application. The system of higher education in Ukraine has different steps. The first level is professional and technical education. Professional and technical education is technical school or college. This level gives a diploma of Junior Specialist. You could get it after Secondary School throughout a 3-4 year or after graduation from High School during 1.5-2 year. The second level is Higher education. Higher educational institutions are institute, conservatory, academy, university. This system gives Bachelor 's degree. You should spend 4 years after High School to get it. Next level is Postgraduate education. The institutions of postgraduate education include academies, institutes (centers) of advanced training, retraining; vocational education institutions; relevant units in organizations and enterprises. This system gives Master degree. It will take 2 years to get it. The last level is Doctoral studies. (,…show more content…
Furthermore, college is considered not a very good education. Graduating from it you can hardly find a job. So, exactly this change I would like to adopt in my country. Another advantage of Canadian education which we do not have in Ukraine is that students, without stopping studies, are trained in Canadian companies, recruited the necessary practical experience and earn money. At the end of studies, graduates receive not only a good education, which is highly quoted in the world, but also very useful notes in their CV. In my country live responsible, hardworking, creative, intelligent and talented people. I would really like that every child could get the education for free because not every family can pay for their child 's education in a higher educational institution. I would like that in my country salaries will be higher and corruption will be less. The medicine should be for free, and the newest medical products and equipment will be available in Ukraine. I would like if every citizen wants to wake up in the morning, work, live, bring benefits for his country, and then, economic indicators will

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