The Importance Of Lead-K In Bilingual Education

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Lead-K Sets the Standard for Educational Goals Within Deaf Community

As our country moves toward an all-inclusive society, where every gender, race, culture and social group is revered for its independency and uniqueness, one fraction of the nation seems to be left in the backdrop. The deaf community population makes up about 4 million of the total United States population,. The deaf community faces many challenges, but none may be greater than the access to early education and language acquisition. Many deaf children are born to hearing parents, which henceforth produce a challenge for the young child to receive the necessary skills for their success in the educational realm. The average reading level by deaf students who are 18 years of age has remained at 3rd to 4th grade level for the past fifty years. Recognizing this real problem, the Lead-K (Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids) campaign was formed.
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“We have the opportunity to create real change and promote policies at the state and federal level to ensure a rise in educational equality for deaf children nationwide”, states a representative of the National Association of the Deaf. The campaign consists of many advocates from all walks of life, including actresses, poets, lawyers, and
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