The Importance Of Leadership And Leadership

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I partially agreed with the statement above, I feel that leadership is a blend of both science and art. Art is defined as application of human imagination and creative works while science is known as branch of knowledge or study about a subject from experiments and observations. Leadership is an art because it is a process needed creative imagination to deal with people, influence them, inspire them in order to achieve organization goals. Leadership is also required inborn talent to relate people, and guiding people. There is no formula to teach us how to lead, but need to felt and experienced it individually. In the same time, leadership is also a science because it needs knowledge on various leadership styles, different approaches, and study…show more content…
According to Marquis and Huston (2015), empowerment means to allow, to enable. It is a process when the leaders give opportunities to the team member to learn, explore and show their capability, talents and creativity. Empowerment can help to build up self-confidence, leadership and enhance professional growth in the individual. Yes, I am the leader that empower my staff in my working place. For example, I allow the team member to choose nursing care method for patients in the unit. They choose the total patient care method that suitable for critically ill patient. With the empowerment, they feel been respected and appreciated thus improve the positive working environment. Besides that, I also surrogate the task like data collection for statistic, monthly audit to the immediate senior staff to let them experience and learn some management skills. By collecting the data, they can understand and assist in controlling the quality of nursing care in the unit. Would you be described yourself as a nurse manager with charisma and vision? Briefly write in the Note…show more content…
Certain staff are admiring me for my capability and knowledge but most of the junior scared to work with me as I am very strict in checking their competency. I have maintained good relationship between the disciplines example doctors and physiotherapist. In order to achieve my aim becoming a leader with charisma, I always discuss with my nurse manager on my communication skills and mentoring skills. I shared the same vision with my nurse manager that to develop a competent nursing team in our hospital to provide excellent nursing care for patients. We promote learning culture in our units, encourage continuous education by organizing group study, unit talk, and conducting intensive program for nurses. Education is very importance in improving our nursing professional standard. I understand that a leader must have character of charisma to attract follower to influence and inspire them. Besides that, a shared vision is important in an effective leadership as it drives the leaders and team members to move forward into ongoing and systematic nursing practice development (Martin, McCormack, Fitzsimons and Spirig, 2014). Reference Cambridge Dictionary. (2017). Retrieved from Marquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J. (2015). Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing – Theory & Application (6th ed). Philadelphia: Lippincott. Martin,

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