The Importance Of Leadership Development

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Unfortunately, many leadership development programs feature content and methodologies that fail to inspire and motivate both existing and emerging leaders to develop these capabilities. (Tarley,M., 2002). Inspite of the diverse approaches available, research on leadership development remains limited. (Day & Dragon, 2015, Avey & Quisenberry, 2010, Avolio). A most often asked question is , why so few leadership development efforts produce the leaders needed (McCall , 2010). Despite the diverse approaches available, leadership development falls short of its promise towards developing leaders (De Vries, 2010; Day, 2000; Gill, 2006). In fact, it is often question asked, why so few leadership development efforts produce the leaders needed when the elements of leadership development have been well developed and researched over the past thirty years. (McCall and Hollenbeck,2010, p. ). It is therefore critical for scholars and practitioner’s to understand and explain how leaders succeed and fail (Nohria and Khurana, 2010). Little emphasis, is placed on leadership development effectiveness from the process and outcome effect and the key contributing factors. (add lines). Amagoh (2009) suggests that organizations should have a long‐term focus towards realizing the benefits from investments in leadership development programs. Clearly, more attention is needed to understand what makes leadership development effective. (Avoilio, 2010). Yet there is increasing evidence that Leadership

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