The Importance Of Leadership In Healthcare

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The well-being of humanity stands on rules, laws, and policies. Without organizational procedures, the world would turn into the chaotic place already tomorrow. The concept of the leadership exists to put communities together and lead them to the common purpose. At the same time, the management is about assisting leadership with institutional tasks which are required to be completed for a smoother stream of operations. Healthcare sector demands leadership and management to be present at all times as medical institutions are responsible for lives of millions of patients every day. One may say that both concepts mean the same, still, terms define a completely different field of work and can be effective or ineffective depending on particular…show more content…
Thus, there are transformational, collaborative, conflict, shared, distributed, ethical, and Functional Results Oriented Healthcare Leaderships within healthcare systems (Al-Sawai, 2013). All styles are essential for the operational activities of the management and must be applied equally. However, leaders are people, and every individual is different and sometimes may not be able of handling all types of leadership, even though, being good in one of them. For instance, a consultant is very motivating and transformational. He or she can create a common goal and lead the team to it at any price. But the same consultant cannot manage the mere quarrel between two colleagues and not capable of solving conflicting cases with patients. In the light of this comparison, I believe that I would fit the best in the collaborative style of management. There are a lot of administrators in hospitals and clinics to handle all the duties of every department, and I would like to be one of them. Nevertheless, as any leadership style, collaborative one has its advantages and disadvantages in frames of the labor environment. This type of management is beneficial for motivating and encouraging practitioners and nurses for working together as a team toward the implementation of effective processes and improvement of provided services (Al-Sawai, 2013). I will need to prove my mentees that collective performance is more fruitful then individual one. On the other hand, collaborative leadership has its downside. Individual work is less appreciated due to oppressive methods of the style toward the concept that people are

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