The Importance Of Leadership In Julius Caesar

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Leadership is a key part in Julius Caesar because without it, many of the significant events in the play would not have occurred. Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, and Antony all play the role of a leader in the middle of all the confusion in Rome, however, some characters are careless and would not be good leaders. It is often seen that great leaders have great qualities that allow them to lead well, but also are able to fight through obstacles, while there are some leaders who lack those qualities and lead poorly. A poor leader would be Caesar because he is hungry for more power and only thinks of himself and not of others. “These growing feathers plucked from Caesar’s wing Will make him fly an ordinary pitch, Who else would soar above the view of men And keep us all in servile fearfulness” (I.I,75-78). This shows that the officials…show more content…
These decisions include Brutus ignoring Cassius’s suggestion to kill Antony, along with Caesar because Antony is a close friend of Caesar. Caesar trusts Antony very much and it is a good suggestion to kill Antony along with Caesar. Cassius also told Brutus that Antony should not speak at Caesar’s funeral, but Brutus did not listen and allowed Antony to speak at the funeral. Because Antony was allowed to speak at the funeral, he was able to persuade the citizens and have them turn against Brutus and the conspirators. Brutus also made the decision to go Phillipi and fight Octavius and Antony, however, Cassius warns Brutus making that decision would be bad and they should let Octavius and Antony come to them. Brutus was warned before making these decisions, but he chose to ignore them because he feels superior to others and gets out of control with wanting more power, resulting in him failing as a good
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