The Importance Of Leadership In Nursing

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According to Simkins (2005), leadership is one of the key factors and in some instances the only factor that determines whether an organization succeeds or fails. However, Clark (2009) states that an effective nurse leader utilizes appropriate leadership theories to guide their actions as well as they are required to apply their knowledge and problem solving skills to develop creative solutions to managerial issues on the ward. On the other hand, management is concerned with its five core principles; according to Kannan (2004b) these principles were revised and are now thought as planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling (as cited in Clark, 2009). Furthermore, Clark pointed out that leadership and management often overlap each other. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that to be an effective manager one must have both sets of skills. This paper will seek to critically analyze the management and leadership skills employed by the nurse manager of the ward where I worked as well as the application of the conceptual and theoretical framework to support my findings. Roussel (2013) states that the structure of an organisation ought to meet the goals of the organization as documented in its mission statement, philosophy, vision, values and objectives. In order to achieve these goals there has to be an orderly flow of communication in the organization; Roussel pointed out that most organizations already have a functioning organizational structure.
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