The Importance Of Leadership In The Military

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“Really, coaching is simplicity. It’s getting players to play better than they think that they can.” Great words of Tom Landry. In reality leadership is one of the most important aspects of being a military member of any kind. We think that because we are Chiefs or higher we have accomplished the pinnacle of individual accomplishment. I choose to take a different outlook, I believe that true leadership is taking what the military gives you and making better people out of them. Resulting in better sailors and finally, the outcome is an elite fighting force that works as a team and can accomplish any task, including the ones that they themselves do not believe they can do. CMDCM Ronald Clark one of my mentors instilled this philosophy in me from my start of being a Chief Petty Officer. He always told me “I do not care if I am successful, so long as when I am done, I have made a crew of better people when they leave my command.” That has always resonated with me in a way that has molded me into the Chief that I am today. I have a lot of shortcomings; however if it was not for those words I would have never fought so hard for my people and molded a group of guys into an efficient unit. I have my flaws and there are many, but the one thing that I will always remember is if I take care of my people then they will take care of me. MMNCM (ret) Bruce Johnston once told me “you will only know that you are successful when that one sailor, and It only takes one, comes up to
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