Reflection Of Personal Leadership

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The best leaders are the ones that have walked in the shoes of their followers well before they are placed in the lead of a school or organization. The best leaders are like a fine wine and become better and stronger with time and experience. If they are honest with themselves and others they will encourage feedback to improve their performance. This type of data reveals areas of influence and areas needing growth. After taking the different surveys and assessments in this class my leadership potential has been highlighted. Therefore, the plan for my administrative career needs to be centered around understanding strengths and weaknesses through my professional and personal endeavours. Professionally, based on the results of the…show more content…
Understanding my natural bent will influence how I handle the stress as responsibilities increase. One of the underlying themes in all the assessments described me as loyal, taking on lots of responsibility, and naturally structured. These positively will go hand in hand in helping adjust to working long hours. Many of the supervisors and administrators I have currently observed have a structured time to work, along with unstructured, since one never knows what can happen to interrupt the regular school day. Parents demand an audience, students make unforeseen mistakes, and those in charge must be available to put out the fires started in a timely and thorough manner. The downside to the results of the assessments suggest impatience and sarcasm as a weak spot in my leadership endeavours. Those two weaknesses will diminish my professionalism and need to be managed during personal time. One way to remedy these two weaknesses would be to have a mentor that would be available to build a relationship centered around improving and refining these negative traits. A mentor would hold me accountable during high stress situations and relate their own professional experiences. Currently, I mentor two teachers on my campus and it is has been a wonderful experience. We meet regularly to discuss everyday situations from challenging students, parent conferences, to the daily culture of the school. I could transfer this situation to one where I would be leaning on an experienced leader to impart their wisdom on to me. Overall, if a mentor were available it would provide a safe place to vent concerns and frustrations and provide an accountability partner to discuss the decision making process one goes through as they learn the ropes of leadership. Ultimately, future leaders and administrators must find ways to learn from each other by balancing
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