Essay On Child Centered Education

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focus much more on the individual. “Yes, we need to be interested in the needs of our businesses, but to link our people related activities too closely to these needs limits and curtails what we are capable of as people. Instead, or at least as well as this, we need to become more interested in how we work as people - for example in what causes our engagement, how we deliver on our potential and how we learn deeply rather than just superficially from our life and work experiences,” he said.
Ingram further stressed this, “The stretch on this, once we have already increased our focus on people, is to also become more interested in how people learn in groups. How we encourage people to share relevant information, support each other and construct new meanings across teams, communities, networks and even whole organizations? And note that even whole organizational learning rests on an understanding of the learning of people within the organization more than it does on understanding the
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A central theme of Luther, Comenius, Pestalozzi, Froebel, Montessori, and Dewey is that we must do our work as educators well, and we must really care about those whom we have been called to serve. This indeed is the essence of child-centered education.
Student-centered learning, as defined by Wikipedia, is also known as learner-centered education, broadly encompasses methods of teaching that shift the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student. In original usage, student-centered learning aims to develop learner autonomy and independence by putting responsibility for the learning path in the hands of students. Student-centered instruction focuses on skills and practices that enable lifelong learning and independent problem-solving. Student-centered learning theory and practice are based on the constructivist learning
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