The Importance Of Learning A Foreign Language

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In the modern globalized and multicultural world, looking for a job may appear a stressful situation due to impressive competition among applicants. Additional foreign language skills would make one a precious worker and enhance his or her chances for higher salary and more appropriate position in the company. Therefore, learning an additional language usually proves to be a highly popular way to increase one’s chances on the job market. While knowledge of a basic language and one foreign language is usually required by employers, the knowledge of an another language would be a large advantage for your candidacy. In the modern world with the spread of globalization and multinational companies, employees have to be ready to work in an environment that would also include foreigners. Such conditions sometimes would also require language skills for communication with partners from other countries. Thus, modern companies pay much attention to the development of language skills by applicants who want to get a job. As Deborah Till believes, languages’ knowledge is transformed into the priority for companies, and multinational companies value language knowledge as an extra benefit of their future employees (Beyene, 2012). The applicants do not necessarily have to speak a language fluently or be perfect in it. Even basic skills for everyday communication would lift one’s chances higher, since due to such workers the company is getting a huge advantage over competitors. Moreover,

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