The Importance Of Learning A Foreign Language

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Likewise, being a visual literate is a necessity today, learning a foreign language or different languages is an advantage. Which gives great opportunities to people and especially young people to move within the globalized world. The internet has allowed the world to create a network to intercommunicate. Mainly, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. In addition to the extensive travel opportunities that allow them to know the world. In this way, languages have become a tool for today and for the future; not only contributing to the new customs but preserving the old ones. As Montealegre and Dominguez (1999) say, "the cultural sign par excellence is language."

Above all, English along with Mandarin and Spanish are the most spoken languages around the world according to James Lane in the Magazine BABBEL ("The most innovative company in the area of education. Most innovative companies of 2016 "(BABBEL, n.d)). Mainly, English is the lingua Franca of the world today. the Oxford dictionary defines the concept of Lingua Franca as “A language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different.” (n.d.) In this regard, English can be seen as the language of business, technology, tourism and intercultural communication. Nevertheless, learning a foreign language is not limited to an instrumental view of this. Learning structures, developing four skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening) and vocabulary is
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