The Importance Of Learning A Foreign Language In Egypt

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Learning a foreign language has become a critical factor that impacts the future of any country. Specially, the English language which becomes an international language and a global lingua franca. The growing importance of English has been observed in virtually all countries of the world. Egypt is one of the countries in which English has a strong and a palpable presence in all its sectors. This perceived growing position of English is in response to the development of Egypt in a variety of ways, including the number of founded international establishments, the rapid changes that the social fabric has witnessed in recent years and the efforts exerted by the Egyptian government to expand economic relationships with other countries as The Egyptian government and Egyptian business need people who can conduct high-level negotiations in English. In the light of these facts, learning English in Egypt is important and a valuable commodity. The recognition of the importance of English in the sphere of education is evidenced by teaching it as a core subject in all public and private schools at all stages from the primary to the secondary stages. Also it is used as a medium of instruction in all Egyptian university colleges such as science, medicine, engineering, pharmacy, and other technical subjects. Moreover, English is included as an important subject in a number of technical and vocational institutes, as well as military. Even the graduate who can communicate in English

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