The Importance Of Learning A Foreign Language Speech

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How often have you been convinced to learn a language because of a lecture, discussion, or favorable advice? The ability to learn and use a new language is a challenge that many have experienced throughout their life, whether in education or in their private lives. Today, English is becoming the universal language of the world. It is the base language of the internet, box office entertainment, and popular music. Translating technologies have improved vastly and will become almost perfect in time for the near future. Due to these conditions, John McWhorter begs the question, “[why] should we learn a foreign language?” In the TED talk performed by professor John McWhorter, he attempts to influence and encourage a physical and digital rhetorical audience of the benefits received after developing a new tongue. He accomplishes the persuasion through his use of overpowering credibility, informative demonstrations, and proper medium. We have all been given advice in our lives. Advice from family, friends, and fierce educators, yet, despite what we force ourselves to believe, the educators are usually who successfully get their message across. This is precisely the case with McWhorter. McWhorter is an accredited linguistics professor at Cornell University and a TED talk veteran who keeps coming back with more interesting, intellectual, and inspiring topics of discussion. He is recognized in the world of education and because of these reasons, he establishes a concrete and
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