Multilingualism In School

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Envision yourself as someone who has just alighted at a foreign country in order to have a tremendously well deserved break from all the hardships that life has bestowed upon you. However, as soon as you arrive there, you realize that absolutely no one can recognize what you are saying, for they do not speak English and you are unable to speak in their foreign tongue, which in turn causes you to have some major issues, not to mention all the embarrassment and anxiety. This ultimately leaves you wanting nothing more than to travel back in time and take that foreign language class in school in order to be able to talk that certain language in this situation without breaking a sweat. Why were you not forced to take that class when you had the…show more content…
For example, in an article made by Leonardo De Valoes that focuses on the importance of learning a second language, he says, “The impact of multilingualism can be traced to even more fields. A doctor who can communicate with his or her patient in their native tongue is much more likely to have success at diagnosing them. A scientist or engineer capable of explaining his findings and ideas to his peers will be able to expedite and perfect their work, even if his peers could not understand him in his first language. Any hiring manager in any company in the world would tell you that the ability to speak a foreign language is a prized commodity. Learning to communicate fluently in multiple languages provides additional job security and advancement opportunities in uncertain economic times.” This quote by De Valoes showcases that learning how to speak a foreign language fluently can assist you in an infinite number of ways which will ultimately cause your life to be better by opening countless opportunities for you, such as getting an amazing job in which people respect and appreciate you, or aiding others in need due to your ability to be multilingual. Besides that, another opportunity that learning a foreign language can give you is being capable of communicating with a variety of people who all come from different nations and culture which could immensely benefit and influence your
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