The Importance Of Learning A Foreign Language

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Bonjour, como va su dia? Capire? 我不这么认为. นี่เป็นภาษาไทย. あなたがこれを理解するチャンスはスリムです。이것은 한국이다. Understand? No? Schools don’t even teach one of these languages. Learning a new language isn’t taken seriously. It’s viewed as just another class students need to pass. But it shouldn’t be viewed as just another class. They don’t see it as a skill they need to acquire. Only 1 in 5 students were enrolled in a foreign language class in 2014-2015. Students aren’t being properly tested by nationally available standardized test to measure how much they know. So we can’t even see if teaching methods are effective or if students are even learning for that matter. Learning a foreign language should be required for students to learn k-12. To give them more opportunity, help their brain, and help them get a better understanding of the world. It’s nothing but beneficial to them. Learning a foreign language has been proven in multiple studies to improve cognitive ability (Landry, R. G. 1973). In all the research to see a correlation between language learning and cognitive abilities, students have done better on test when learning a second language. Some think that students do better because the find new ways to look at problems. It has had nothing but a positive impact on students’ abilities. These young children, were already showing how much of an effect learning a foreign language can be. Research even implies that it can help adults cope with Alzheimer 's to a certain extent.

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