The Importance Of Learning A Second Language Essay

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Learning a second language. Today it is essential to learn a second language because every day other languages are used in almost all areas of knowledge and human development. In the educational field, learning another language is necessary for students because it could become students that are competitive and this will help them to research and study from different sources. Not only is important when it comes to the academic field but to survive abroad as a means of communication and interaction with other cultures throughout the world. Learning languages allows enriching life experience, creating new ideas, to exercise the brain, gain benefit from the world's cultural diversity and improve the professional prospects considerably. Nowadays, many people are becoming aware of learning a second language because is required to have the ability of using a second language in any place. Learning a second language is necessary and has a vital importance for three main reasons. First of all, people who learn a second…show more content…
According to a study carried out by (Duke University, 2007) “Learning a foreign language allows us to better understand a culture by providing a way to interact with locals and break the initial language barrier that holds two people back from fully engaging with each other”. It means that learning a second language allows you to communicate with a bunch of people of different places and to have access to different cultural products such as:: movies, newspapers, web pages and so on. In addition, being interested on other people's cultures helps you to develop your capacity of comprehension and tolerance to understand that there is no single "correct" way of life. Finally, I can say that learning a second would make you more humble because you are learning everything the world has to offer and because of that it will improve the way in which you carry out your

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