The Importance Of Learning About The Holocaust And Anne Frank

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Why Did They Do It Hobie Bobbitt We almost made it out alive. Learning about the Holocaust and Anne Frank are important for many different reasons. The three main topics I have are going to be about why you should study these two topics are it is a very educational thing to read a diary someone wrote in the middle of it all. The next is so you can know more about the history of it and the last is to see what people can really do to hurt other people. If you want to learn about a certain topic then it is a great way by reading a diary of someone in it. There might not be a better way. The diary of Anne Frank talks all about what it was like for her in hiding. She was with her family and another in a place they couldn’t even move in most of the time. You had very little things that you could do all day. It wasn’t a very big place to be hiding in. Plus to add to all of it, the whole time you are in there all that you wonder is if the Nazis are gonna come marching through the door and take you away.…show more content…
This period of time was also known as World War II. There was a war going on at this time. The whole world was trying to blame Germany for all of the cost of the first World War. Hitler came forward and started to say that the Jews were causing all of the problems. Then came the holocaust, a mass persecution of Jews. For no reason at all, Hitler just didn’t like Jews. This was a terrible time in history. How could people kill other people like this because of something that they didn’t do at

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