The Importance Of Learning Capacity In Child Development

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Learning capacity may be considered as the interplay between external forces and internal resources and states of mind Introduction In child’s learning, or it can be called as child development, it divides into three parts, which is biological, cognitive, and emotional (Crowley K., 2014). According to the explanations of Crowley(2014) about the three domains, biological domain includes about physical growth and motor skills. Secondly, cognitive domain refers to changes in thinking process, such as, long-term and short-term memory, reasoning, problem solving, and others. Thirdly, emotional domain is the changes of the emotional and understanding when interact with people and events. Every child does not experienced the same developmental pathway and with same pace. Every child is unique. Therefore, each child’s learning capacity is different. Learning capacity is the power of a person’s learning ability. Learning capacity can be increase or decrease, it affected by different factors. In this essay, the author explained how the external forces and internal resources and states of mind affect the learning capacity of the child. Nature vs Nurture
 Crowley K.(2014, p 2) states that, “A central issue in development is the nature versus nurture debate, in other words, the relative roles played by biological and genetic factors as opposed to environmental factors in shaping development.” According to this, it mentioned that the two factors that affect the learning capacity of a
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